my life as john

The club cant ever handle me.Also I sometimes make attempts at writing


a tad inappropriate
in her I see stories, the living literature 
on a roof, chasing the lights, with the wonderful works of Tyler Knott Gregson
real copy of an old poem of mine

read the whole thing, then the words on the left, then right

then write


appreciation post for some of the goofy people in my life

It feels so good to hold someone

btw sorry it’s kinda long but I hope you enjoy it:)
Here, or not here, you rob me of my sleep -John
there’s no right way to describe what I’m feeling, but poetry is about trying

Everything is crumbling around us, and goodbyes come too often.

The world has become far too dangerous to not kiss at every opportunity.

I took these by the way:)

and that’s how I lost 4 followers in 7 seconds